Monday, August 4, 2008

Some Saturday

This Saturday was jam packed with hot sweaty work. To begin with we are in the process of remodeling our old bathroom (after adding new one). We're working on it when we have time and this was the first time in about four weeks that K didn't have to work or do something church related on Saturday. But before we could get started on the bathroom we needed to make some adjustments to the chicken coop. Marshall is still trying to get to those chicks. Now he has resorted to chewing holes in the chicken wire surrounding the coop. The chicks have gotten out several times but thankfully each time I noticed before Marshall did and was able to get him on the chain before there was an carnage.

So, to repair the coop and halt the chewing we surrounded the perimeter of the coop with railroad ties. And sister, let me tell you, those boogers are heavy! We moved about 6 or 8 and stacked them around the edge of the coop. For now they seem to have stumped Marshall but just give him time. He'll figure something else out.

Now, back to the bathroom. Here are some pics of Holdyn helping knock down the old walls. He's been begging since we started this project, "Can I bash a hole in the wall, pleeeease!"

This kid's definitely got a future in demolition!

So as if all that work wasn't enough K and I headed up to the kids' elementary school to help with some more demolition at the playground. We spent about 3-4 hours with me digging in the dirt and moving chunks of cement as K ran a jack hammer. That's right a jack hammer. Our work was halted as a storm came on. And I mean a huge storm! We rushed to Mom and Dad's to get the kids and found everyone in the basement as we'd been driving through a TORNADO, with out even knowing. The storm sirens never sounded until, of course, after the storm had passed! When the worst had passed we loaded up the kids to drive home. On the way we passed tree after tree down, downed power lines, etc. As we approached our house we saw the highway was blocked from a downed tree, a tree from our yard! We were able to slowly maneuver around the tree and get to our driveway and house. Once there we saw we had another tree in the backyard that had fallen over, roots and all out of the ground. Thankfully, none of our property was damaged and no one was hurt. We even had power! So today begins our tree removal efforts. Here are some pics of the tree in the backyard. K estimates it is about 75+ ft tall.


Rachael M. said...

I was waiting to read that the tree had knocked open the chicken coop, sending chicks screaming into the storm and the waiting, playfully deadly arms of Marshall...

Glad you didn't have any damage!!

The Archibald Family said...

I thought the same thing. Good thing you guys weren't home when it came'd been scarier for the kids. It was a horrible sound when that huge tree next door to us in Ttown fell during the notorious Hurricane Katrina. Good luck with the tree removal...I guess that puts a hold on the bathroom remodel.

Emily said...

You know Dad's thinking! Firewood! HA! Seriously, good luck. Has it been hard keeping the kids off it? I can just seen Kallie out there being a super hero! Or maybe Evie's castle! We'll see you this weekend!

Mama Hen said...

What a story! I found your blog through The Country Doctor's Wife. She cracks me up. I am also from Alabama and we have chickens too. We also had a huge downed tree about two years. The cleanup was no fun.