Monday, August 18, 2008

Hey Ya'll, Look What I Made!

So, I had this funky quilt top that I found a few years ago at my Grandma's house. It was bright and colorful but made from double knits so it wasn't very cozy. I kept it, knowing that one day I'd find something to do with it.
This is my first project conceived and completed since the kids have started school and I'm sooo excited! I took the quilt top, split it in half, added a backing made from an old sheet, added some cute hot pink gingham fabric to the bottoms and, Voila! Curtains for the girls' room.

Then the search for appropriate curtain rods, etc began. After looking through stores and not finding anything I liked for a decent price I came up with this idea.....

Two 1/2 inch dowels cut to size, $1.99 at Home Depot.

4 eyelet screws (with holes large enough for the dowels to fit through), $0.40 at HD

14 curtain clips, $2.89 at Wal-Mart

4 wooden drawer knobs, free (I already had these)
1 can "Watermelon pink" spray paint, $2.89 at Wal-Mart

First, I painted everything. Then, I screwed the eyelet screws into the wall on either side of the windows. Next, I strung the clips onto the rods and fit the rods through the eyelet holes. After that, I hot glued the wooded knobs onto the ends of the rods. Finally, I clipped the curtains onto the rods and look what I got--

As with the rest of this place, the girls' room is a continuous work in progress. Notice the lovely two-toned walls where the old pink wallpaper is peeling off (courtesy of the kids, of course). But these curtains (I think) are so cute and they really fit Evie's and Kallie's styles! I can't wait to get thier reactions after school today. Well, off to finish laundry.


Living on the Spit said...

OMG, way toooooo cute. I really like how you pulled it all together with that watermelon pink. Hot pink is my favorite color. Oh, and as for the trip...yeah...must see pictures. Next time give me some advance notice, please!!! Get some carpet samples and tape them together in a similar pattern for an area rug to match the curtains. Call around, most carpet places will give the old samples away. Plus if there's a spill or other kid concoction, you just pull up that one square, not the whole rug.

Jennie said...

That's a really great idea! I'm about to tear out their carpet (found hardwoods underneath) and that would be totally cute and simple. Thanks!

Alicia said...

WOW!! What a fun project!! I wanted to have a project day today too, but you will have to read my blog on my interesting day.

Totally love the curtains!!!

Mama Hen said...

Great Idea for the curtains. It looks really neat.

The Archibald Family said...

I remember that quilt remnant. Love your creativity.

Are You Being Messerved said...

These are the cutest curtains I've seen!! Very creative, but you've always been that way!! I hope the girls liked them!! By the way, I have a new blog. I'll email you the link!! Love you!