Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Field Trips, the Fall Edition

Holdyn took a field trip two weeks ago to the state capital in Montgomery. Since that's K's home turf he and I went, too. We had a nice time touring the state capitol, state house and state archives. Holdyn used my phone and took nearly 100 photos (mostly of nothing). Every once in a while I'd snatch it back to take a snap here and there.
One of mine -- a class photo RES 4th grade

Another of mine -- Holdyn and his buds

One of his -- soldier with gun

Another of his -- a pretty girl

And another of his -- large canon-type gun
As you can see, Holdyn is all boy. Most of his pictures are of guns, soldiers, and girls. Does anything else matter? Seriously though, he loves his Alabama History class and was enthralled for the majority of the trip. He asked all kinds of questions during the tour of the legislative floors of the state building; including, whether or not past legislators could spit hard enough to "ding" the spitoons and why modern legislators didn't use a hologram for days they had to be absent during session.
I'd love to get inside his head for an hour!

Evie and Kallie didn't get a class field trip this semester, so I took them on a girls' day. Mom, Aunt Elizabeth, and cousin Roma came along, too. We went to the mall for a little shopping, lunch, and a carousel ride. Fun!!

Two cuties getting ready to shop, shop, shop!

Sweet Roma decked out as a snow bunny sans snow, of course.
As things get ever hectic and stressful it is my hope that you and your loved ones will take time to remember the birth of Christ, the true reason for this season of celebration. Don't let our fast-paced, commercially driven lifestyles ruin the peace and comfort Christ brings to us all. The best gift love!

Much Love,

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Did you miss me? I certainly missed you! I've made it through my first semester as a PhD student/nerd at UA. It was touch and go there for a while, but I did it and I'm so happy!
I'd like to apologize for being out of this space for so long. Believe me, I just couldn't fit one more thing into my life or my brain. So blogging had to fall by the wayside for awhile.
The thing I feel the worst about is not posting our silly, daily life stories. This is our family journal and I regret that there are three whole months missing now. However, now that I reflect those three months held a lot of stress, stomach viruses, strep-throat, and dirty laundry. Not a pretty picture! But seriously, writing in this space helps me look for good moments throughout the day.
There have been lots of those to go with the not-so-good. Dinner with friends, visits with family, wrestling in the living room floor, giggles, gap-toothed smiles, the list is soooo long!

Four-wheel riding with Daddy!

Scaring up fun on Halloween!

And falling asleep exhausted from too much fun!

So, forgive me, my friends, for letting this space go dark for a while. But, please know you have not left my thoughts and prayers. Maybe we can catch up a little over the holidays?!

Much Love,