Sunday, June 17, 2012

Smarter than the Average Bear

Hey, Boo-boo! Have you seen any pic-i-nic baskets?
This past week I got a little sunburned at the pool, so come Thursday I was ready for an activity that involved air conditioning. Our local movie theater has a free summer movie series with two movies playing three mornings a week. We chose Yogi Bear which the kids had seen before but I had not. It was fun and silly and we laughed a lot! But I tell you, the funniest part of the whole experience wasn't part of the movie. Here's what happened:

During a very pivotal scene, Yogi and Boo-boo have to use their homemade Basket Nabber 2000 to save an endangered turtle. The humans, Ranger Smith and Rachel Johnson, give some last minute advice before the Ursuline duo take their homemade gliding contraption off a cliff. Mind you, this thing is made of boat paddles, lawn chairs, and picnic table cloths, and oh yeah, it's a half-live action, half-cartoon movie. So Yogi and Boo-boo save the turtle, ignore the advice, and crash the Basket Nabber. Hilarity all around, the kids and adults in the theater all laugh hysterically. All, that is, except for one lady sitting a few seats down from me. As we all laugh I hear her say, "Idiot!"

Yes, that's right, the woman called the cartoon bear, who crashed a flying glider made of lawn chairs and camp ground paraphernalia, an idiot. I about popped a button I was laughing so hard. Admittedly, the first thought I had was, "Yes, idiot indeed, madam. Idiot, indeed." But then I couldn't (and still can't) decide if her reaction was the result of a serious suspension of disbelief, some sort of brain damage, or a heart that is two-sizes too small. I mean, did you think it was real? Have you lost your will to laugh? Based on the previous forty-five minutes of the movie, did you think Yogi was going to be able to fly the Basket Nabber 2000 without incident?

Anyway, it was a reminder to me not to ever become too serious or forget to have fun. As for that poor lady, all I can say is, Lord help and bless her heart. Know what I mean?

Much Love,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workouts, groceries, and sharing

Yikes! Somehow I missed posting about our Monday happenings. Mostly we continued our lazy weekend right on into Monday. Holdyn was still feeling less than 100%, so he stayed home while the girls and I made a mid-day trip to the pool. We followed that up with an afternoon nap and early evening lawn work. K and I were aiming to head to the gym on Monday night, but, I tell you, if I can't go to the gym first thing in the morning it seems like forces plot against me to keep me away all together!

Yesterday was more productive. We hit the gym early (5:30-6:30), and it was great! I've added a little weight training to my cardio and I'm feeling stronger (and sore!). Later in the morning the kids and I went grocery shopping. I'm trying to overcome my "under-spending" tendencies which I've determined add more stress to what I consider an already stressful chore. Allow me to explain. I'm not a shopper in the first place and grocery shopping is (to me) the worst kind of shopping there is. It stresses me out. Add to that my tendencies to under buy, wait until the last possible minute (or later) to shop, and try to cram two weeks worth of shopping into one's not a pretty picture. So, in an effort to be more mindful I've decided to shop every week. I know, it seems counter-intuitive to shop more frequently, but really its proving to be much less stressful. My lists are shorter, my bill is smaller, my trips are quicker -- yay!

Holdyn was excited to spend his lawn mowing earnings. He's been hired by our neighbor to mow their front yard whenever he mows ours and he earns $10 each time. For a 10-20 minute chore that's a pretty great pay scale, score!

I had a meeting with a colleague about a review essay we're writing and then the kids and I capped yesterday off with a late afternoon swim.

Last night was our first official "Family Movie Night" and we watched the first disc of The Fellowship of the Ring. K and I love the movies based on the JRR Tolkien trilogy and the kids have never seen them. I think the first disc was a hit! It's it fun to share your favorite things with loved ones? It's especially nice when your loved ones like your favorite things, too!

What are you sharing this summer?

Much Love,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Update

Our weekend was nowhere near as entertaining as a good "Weekend Update" bit on SNL, but that's fine with me. Saturday was blissfully relaxed, like all-day-in-pajamas relaxed. Yum! Sunday was marked with church and naps. Holdyn didn't feel very well on Saturday or Sunday, but it's just a summer cold and he's better today.
Each entry I make in this journal reinforces how thankful and blessed I feel this wonderful summer! Pure bliss!

Much Love,

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Suicide Roll

Thursday and Friday were rather uneventful days. The second day of cooking class went off without a hitch. That was followed by swimming and then more swimming on Friday. Also on Friday, Evie decided she wanted "hair like the girl from Karmin." I knew what she meant, but had no idea how to do it. Thank goodness for YouTube! I found this tutorial by Amy Heidemann from Karmin for her trademark "suicide roll." So, after a try or two we ended up with this...

Our own little rockabilly girl!
Evie sported her roll to the pool and looked like quite the vintage bathing beauty! Now I'm trying to convince Kallie to try one so we'll have twin rolls. :)

Much Love,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cooking Up Some Fun

Holdyn, Evie, and Kallie had their first day of cooking class on Wednesday. They learned to make a variety of smoothies and flavored popcorn. All three reported having a great time which makes it a success in my book! After cooking class we headed to the pool. I feel so blessed to be in this great town where we have a variety of activities from which to choose. It's such a welcome change!

Today, cooking class day 2 and more pool time. I wonder what's on the menu?

Much Love,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Put Me in the Zoo

Yesterday the kids and I drove to Birmingham for a little trip to the zoo. We met my sister Sara and her kids and a few of her in-laws, the Archibalds, there. We had a fun (and hot!) few hours strolling through the zoo. Well, the adults strolled while the kids ran. Why is it that kids only seem to have one speed (full out sprint) when at touring/look-see type locations? By the time we made it home I was B-E-A-T, worn out, and wilted!

Obviously not wilted by the heat, this little guy was putting on quite a show!

On a sidenote, I'm two days away from completing the Couch to 5k program I started a few months ago. I cannot fathom the fact that I can now run for 25 minutes straight! It's incredible! Usually I have my BRF (best running friend) Mallory with me, but yesterday I was solo. It was daunting, but thankfully there was a pregnant woman on a treadmill at the UA rec center. You may wonder why that is significant. Let me tell you...I wanted to stop. I wanted to quit running. I didn't think I could make it for 25 minutes all alone. See, Mallory is about 10 years younger than me and she's my motivation. I make myself keep pace with her. Anyway, I didn't have her yesterday and I was scared I'd couldn't hang. Enter aforementioned pregnant lady on treadmill. I saw her and I knew I had to run as long as the pregnant lady. Y'all, I will not be outdone by a pregnant lady (nevermind I don't know this lady and she could be a marathoner for all I know)! So I ran and ran and ran and after a while I noticed she wasn't on the treadmill anymore and I was at about 20 minutes. So, thank you unknown pregnant lady for being my motivation! Without you I may not have made my current record.

All in all, it was a sweaty, runny, happy day! I hope your summer is shaping up to be that way, too!

Much Love,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 6 -- Rainy days and Mondays

Yesterday was rainy so there was no trip to the pool (boo!). Instead the kiddos and I got some organizing done in my office. Inspired again by the book The Happiness Project, I drug out the box of the kids' school and artwork I'd been saving for years. I sorted the one box into three (one for each kid) and labeled them. Now, when we get papers etc to save the kids each put them in their own box. I'm still hoping to sort them into expandable fileboxes, but baby-steps.

In addition to the paper sorting I organized the school supplies stash, hung some maps as artwork on my office walls, moved an old dresser into the office for game storage, and FINALLY put a rug on my cold office floor. I love it so much I may actually work in my office now . . . maybe.

Evie begins her dance with her "suitcase" ala Gene Kelly

After organizing was through the girls and I sat down to watch one of my favorite musicals, Singin' in the Rain. All the singing and dancing inspired the girls to try some "tap dancing."

Kallie's final pose in her "tap" routine

Organizing, dancing, musicals; so, how's your summer shaping up?

 Much Love, J

Monday, June 4, 2012

Days 4 - 5 -- The Weekend

Fruit salad with lime dressing. 
I pinned this on Pinterest from Dena at Oh! You Cook!

Saturday and Sunday were busy because of our church's stake conference, but it was a good kind of busy. We were spiritually fed. Saturday also included a visit to the grocery store and Sunday a trip to the library.
Speaking of fed, I've been cooking up a storm from recipes on Pinterest and have found several to add to our regular rotation. Yummy! This summer is shaping up quite nicely indeed!

Much Love,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 3 - Cousin fun

Too much excitement for one sentence today . . . My sister Sara is in town for a few days, so today after my run (week 7 day 2 of C25k) we met her and the Archibald cousins at the UA Rec pool for swim time. Her in-laws Breesa, Chief, Serene and Breesa's baby Liv joined us. K enjoyed a nice day off with a good workout and time at the pool, too. Fun! Tonight Sara and I had some sister time shopping in Birmingham at (among other places) World Market -- my most favorite store in the universe! It was a busy and fun day, just like summer should be.

Much Love,

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 2

Boats on the Black Warrior. I thought these were tug boats, but they are dredgers.

Yesterday the kids and I rode the Riverwalk trail (5 miles!), K was invited to play softball with some friends from church (they won, by forfeit), and my sister Sara and her kiddos came to town (yay, cousins!).

Much Love,