Sunday, June 17, 2012

Smarter than the Average Bear

Hey, Boo-boo! Have you seen any pic-i-nic baskets?
This past week I got a little sunburned at the pool, so come Thursday I was ready for an activity that involved air conditioning. Our local movie theater has a free summer movie series with two movies playing three mornings a week. We chose Yogi Bear which the kids had seen before but I had not. It was fun and silly and we laughed a lot! But I tell you, the funniest part of the whole experience wasn't part of the movie. Here's what happened:

During a very pivotal scene, Yogi and Boo-boo have to use their homemade Basket Nabber 2000 to save an endangered turtle. The humans, Ranger Smith and Rachel Johnson, give some last minute advice before the Ursuline duo take their homemade gliding contraption off a cliff. Mind you, this thing is made of boat paddles, lawn chairs, and picnic table cloths, and oh yeah, it's a half-live action, half-cartoon movie. So Yogi and Boo-boo save the turtle, ignore the advice, and crash the Basket Nabber. Hilarity all around, the kids and adults in the theater all laugh hysterically. All, that is, except for one lady sitting a few seats down from me. As we all laugh I hear her say, "Idiot!"

Yes, that's right, the woman called the cartoon bear, who crashed a flying glider made of lawn chairs and camp ground paraphernalia, an idiot. I about popped a button I was laughing so hard. Admittedly, the first thought I had was, "Yes, idiot indeed, madam. Idiot, indeed." But then I couldn't (and still can't) decide if her reaction was the result of a serious suspension of disbelief, some sort of brain damage, or a heart that is two-sizes too small. I mean, did you think it was real? Have you lost your will to laugh? Based on the previous forty-five minutes of the movie, did you think Yogi was going to be able to fly the Basket Nabber 2000 without incident?

Anyway, it was a reminder to me not to ever become too serious or forget to have fun. As for that poor lady, all I can say is, Lord help and bless her heart. Know what I mean?

Much Love,

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