Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workouts, groceries, and sharing

Yikes! Somehow I missed posting about our Monday happenings. Mostly we continued our lazy weekend right on into Monday. Holdyn was still feeling less than 100%, so he stayed home while the girls and I made a mid-day trip to the pool. We followed that up with an afternoon nap and early evening lawn work. K and I were aiming to head to the gym on Monday night, but, I tell you, if I can't go to the gym first thing in the morning it seems like forces plot against me to keep me away all together!

Yesterday was more productive. We hit the gym early (5:30-6:30), and it was great! I've added a little weight training to my cardio and I'm feeling stronger (and sore!). Later in the morning the kids and I went grocery shopping. I'm trying to overcome my "under-spending" tendencies which I've determined add more stress to what I consider an already stressful chore. Allow me to explain. I'm not a shopper in the first place and grocery shopping is (to me) the worst kind of shopping there is. It stresses me out. Add to that my tendencies to under buy, wait until the last possible minute (or later) to shop, and try to cram two weeks worth of shopping into one's not a pretty picture. So, in an effort to be more mindful I've decided to shop every week. I know, it seems counter-intuitive to shop more frequently, but really its proving to be much less stressful. My lists are shorter, my bill is smaller, my trips are quicker -- yay!

Holdyn was excited to spend his lawn mowing earnings. He's been hired by our neighbor to mow their front yard whenever he mows ours and he earns $10 each time. For a 10-20 minute chore that's a pretty great pay scale, score!

I had a meeting with a colleague about a review essay we're writing and then the kids and I capped yesterday off with a late afternoon swim.

Last night was our first official "Family Movie Night" and we watched the first disc of The Fellowship of the Ring. K and I love the movies based on the JRR Tolkien trilogy and the kids have never seen them. I think the first disc was a hit! It's it fun to share your favorite things with loved ones? It's especially nice when your loved ones like your favorite things, too!

What are you sharing this summer?

Much Love,

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