Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Baby

It's been nine years since we were married; sealed together for time and all eternity. The time has gone by quickly but I love you more today than I did then. You are my best friend, my eternal companion, my hero. Nine years down and eternity to go - I'm glad it will be with you! Happy Anniversary my sweetheart. I love you! --J

Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Holiday De-Briefing

Whoa! Our week has been full, exhausting, and fantastic. It all began on Saturday when my sister Lacy flew in from Utah. Then on Sunday my sisters Sara and Emily and their kids (5 in all) came down from the Huntsville area. The four of us spent the next three days cooking, shopping and laughing! It was fabulous to be together again. On Tuesday evening the hubbies arrived with David coming in from Utah and Blasen and Danny driving down from Huntsville after work. K also worked through Tuesday and joined us that night for a feast of salad and enough appetizers to feed a Roman legion. Yummy! Finally, my baby sis Elizabeth and her hubby, Joe joined the fun late, late Tuesday night as they drove in from Gainesville, FL.
So, by Christmas Eve the entire Ford clan was together for a day of eating, presents, and tons of laughter. The day began with Dad's traditional oatmeal, fruit and nut pancakes for breakfast. That afternoon was a family "photo shoot" led by my talented photog sister Emily. We took tons of pictures which all induced giggles, guffaws, and snorts! Next, was dinner and then present opening time. We had so much fun and it was all over too soon! The Huntsville girls and their families had to leave that evening to make it home in time for Santa's arrival.
On Christmas Day we were awakened at 2am by hoots and squeals of delight as the kiddos found their Santa stash! We played for about an hour or so before K and I begged them all back to bed for a few more hours sleep. Later that day we went back to Mama Ford and Grandfather's house for dinner with them and the Freistatders (Lacy's in-laws). It was great to visit with them. They all left early this morning with Lacy and David in tow for a few days visiting the rest of his family in North Carolina. Whew!
Today's been clean up day with lots of rest sprinkled in. So, enjoy the photos of all the hilarity. I hope that 2009 brings you blessings, memories, and joy!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here are a few photos to update what's been going on with us -
First, a brand new Bass Pro Shops store has opened in our area and we LOVE it. We've visited the Atlanta store but this one is bigger and better. K calls it "our store" because it really embodies a lot of the things we love like wildlife, camping, fishing, etc. These pics are from our first trip there a few weeks ago.

Second, last weekend we had a double cousin birthday party. It was cousin Brett's b-day and we visited him. He's so sweet and was kind enough to share his day with cousin Bliss who just returned from China. Bliss was with his family in China when it was his birthday in September so we missed his party. He was super excited to get his Superman cake for which he has been pining (no superman cakes in China).
Lastly, school's out, yipee! Just before the last of school the PTO always hosts the Santa Shop so that the kids can shop for their families and friends. Last year we started a simple tradition. Each of our kids gets $2 and can buy a gift for a sibling. This year Holdyn bought for Evie (a ribbon baton), Evie bought for Kallie (a High School Musical pen) and Kallie bought for Holdyn (a sports watch). They love the Santa Shop and were so excited to give and get their gifts. Each was super excited about the gift they received and there was much exclaiming along the lines of, "It's perfect!" "Just what I always wanted!' "I love it!" All that and tons of smiles for just $6!

Monday, December 15, 2008

So don't freak out on me...

If you've noticed my bookshelf there to the right you've noticed that I'm reading Twilight. I thought I was the last person on Earth to read this book but apparently my sister, Lacy, is even farther behind the times than me. Actually, I've known about this book for around a year now but haven't had the time to read it. First, my library didn't have it over the summer when I did the bulk of my reading. Then, K bought it for me but I was knee-deep in reading and projects for school so I had no time to read -- anything. Well, school's out for now and I've got some time so I started reading Thursday...

CAUTION: Here comes the don't freak out part!!!

I, uh, well, see the thing is, um
I don't really like it.
There, I said it.

Now, before you start cursing the screen and heatedly beating out a comment on your keyboard, just slow ya roll. I didn't say I hated it (although, I did hate Ms. Meyer's other novel the Host). I just said I don't really like it. Maybe my expectations were really high after all the hoopla or something but I'm slightly disappointed. I thought that I'd be sucked into this book by the way everyone drools and palpatates over it. Don't blame yourself, EVERYONE told me it was great, fabulous, terrific. Anyway, I'm just over half-way through so maybe by the time I finish I'll change my mind.
Oh well, I guess I can relate to Bella, afterall, because I know she would never like a book just because everyone said she should! Am I right Twilight fanboys and fangirls? You know I am, ;)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arch-enemies in Kindergarden

So the other day Evie tells me that Audrey in her class is not her friend. I was only slightly concerned. I mean, there are tons of folks who aren't my friend, no biggie.
Anyway, I say, "Why is Audrey not your friend?"

Evie replies, "Well, we like the same things. I like pink and so does she. I like princesses and she does, too."

Now I'm confused. So I ask, "If you like the same things why aren't you friends?"

To which my sweet Evie replies, "Because she's my enemy!"

Ok, time to be concerned. "You shouldn't say she's your enemy. That's not really nice," I say.

Evie thinks for a minute then says, "Well, ok then she's my arch enemy!"

Wow, I've got two kindergardeners, one waiting for her super powers to "grow in" and the other with an arch enemy. I think we spend too much time playing super heroes here at Vaughn Farm. What do ya think?