Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Holiday De-Briefing

Whoa! Our week has been full, exhausting, and fantastic. It all began on Saturday when my sister Lacy flew in from Utah. Then on Sunday my sisters Sara and Emily and their kids (5 in all) came down from the Huntsville area. The four of us spent the next three days cooking, shopping and laughing! It was fabulous to be together again. On Tuesday evening the hubbies arrived with David coming in from Utah and Blasen and Danny driving down from Huntsville after work. K also worked through Tuesday and joined us that night for a feast of salad and enough appetizers to feed a Roman legion. Yummy! Finally, my baby sis Elizabeth and her hubby, Joe joined the fun late, late Tuesday night as they drove in from Gainesville, FL.
So, by Christmas Eve the entire Ford clan was together for a day of eating, presents, and tons of laughter. The day began with Dad's traditional oatmeal, fruit and nut pancakes for breakfast. That afternoon was a family "photo shoot" led by my talented photog sister Emily. We took tons of pictures which all induced giggles, guffaws, and snorts! Next, was dinner and then present opening time. We had so much fun and it was all over too soon! The Huntsville girls and their families had to leave that evening to make it home in time for Santa's arrival.
On Christmas Day we were awakened at 2am by hoots and squeals of delight as the kiddos found their Santa stash! We played for about an hour or so before K and I begged them all back to bed for a few more hours sleep. Later that day we went back to Mama Ford and Grandfather's house for dinner with them and the Freistatders (Lacy's in-laws). It was great to visit with them. They all left early this morning with Lacy and David in tow for a few days visiting the rest of his family in North Carolina. Whew!
Today's been clean up day with lots of rest sprinkled in. So, enjoy the photos of all the hilarity. I hope that 2009 brings you blessings, memories, and joy!


Living on the Spit said...

Awwww, what a gorgoeus family. I am so glad that you shared these photos with us! It looks like so much fun!

Enjoy your holiday time and your awesome little kiddo's.

Love you,


Rachael M. said...

BAH HA HA! David's olde-tymey facial hair reminds me of something my brother would do, just to make people stare at him. LOLOLOL.

Glad you all had a great Christmas!!! I wish I weren't always so pregnant when everyone is in town together!!! :-(

Mama Hen said...

2:00 AM!!! I thought we were early at 5:15 AM. But you can't beat that Christmas Morning rush. Their faces are so cute.

Emily said...

It was so much fun and too short! I will have the pictures this week and will send them ya'lls way! I love you all and wish we were still all together!