Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arch-enemies in Kindergarden

So the other day Evie tells me that Audrey in her class is not her friend. I was only slightly concerned. I mean, there are tons of folks who aren't my friend, no biggie.
Anyway, I say, "Why is Audrey not your friend?"

Evie replies, "Well, we like the same things. I like pink and so does she. I like princesses and she does, too."

Now I'm confused. So I ask, "If you like the same things why aren't you friends?"

To which my sweet Evie replies, "Because she's my enemy!"

Ok, time to be concerned. "You shouldn't say she's your enemy. That's not really nice," I say.

Evie thinks for a minute then says, "Well, ok then she's my arch enemy!"

Wow, I've got two kindergardeners, one waiting for her super powers to "grow in" and the other with an arch enemy. I think we spend too much time playing super heroes here at Vaughn Farm. What do ya think?


Mama Hen said...

Just don't let them get hooked on Star Wars. It totally takes over their lives. Everyone is a Droid or a Jedi or something.

Your Evie sounds fun though and I like her picture on the sidebar. Cute!

Mama Hen said...

Oh, and I LOVE your background!

Emily said...

That may be true! But it's still cute! I wanted to tell you too that Jack just LOVED seeing Holdyn today. He started crying when he got out of the van to leave! Love you guys and see you soon!

Youngblood4ever said...

Kids seriously say the funniest things. I can picture my kindergartener coming up with something like this...especially since he is always playing spiderman and star wars.