Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here are a few photos to update what's been going on with us -
First, a brand new Bass Pro Shops store has opened in our area and we LOVE it. We've visited the Atlanta store but this one is bigger and better. K calls it "our store" because it really embodies a lot of the things we love like wildlife, camping, fishing, etc. These pics are from our first trip there a few weeks ago.

Second, last weekend we had a double cousin birthday party. It was cousin Brett's b-day and we visited him. He's so sweet and was kind enough to share his day with cousin Bliss who just returned from China. Bliss was with his family in China when it was his birthday in September so we missed his party. He was super excited to get his Superman cake for which he has been pining (no superman cakes in China).
Lastly, school's out, yipee! Just before the last of school the PTO always hosts the Santa Shop so that the kids can shop for their families and friends. Last year we started a simple tradition. Each of our kids gets $2 and can buy a gift for a sibling. This year Holdyn bought for Evie (a ribbon baton), Evie bought for Kallie (a High School Musical pen) and Kallie bought for Holdyn (a sports watch). They love the Santa Shop and were so excited to give and get their gifts. Each was super excited about the gift they received and there was much exclaiming along the lines of, "It's perfect!" "Just what I always wanted!' "I love it!" All that and tons of smiles for just $6!


Living on the Spit said...

We love Bass Pro Shops too! I always have to plan on at least 3 hours inside because...well, you understand why.

That is so sweet about Santa Shop and the gifts your kids got each other. You are raising some wonderful kids there.

Enjoy your break with them...I am looking forward to more posts.

love you,


Rachael M. said...

Ok, I don't know WHAT exactly, but something about that picture of Evie reminds me SO MUCH of Lacy!

And seriously - Holdyn turned into a grown man WHEN exactly? Didn't I just see him in May and he was still a boy???

All the growing up fast is scary!

Mama Hen said...

Jennie, I hope your family has a WONDERFUL Christmas. Glad we are bloggy friends!