Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dr. Horrible and his two-headed monster

As I mentioned in the last post, Saturday was also the school's Fall Fest. Last year, I was PTO Mom and worked the entire festival while K and the kids toured the booths and played. I missed it and was excited to be free of PTO responsibilities so that I could participate this year. It was a good time. This year K and I brought along Dr. Horrible and his two-headed monster, just look!

Although we took only the children with us to the Fall Fest we returned home with a new member of the family, Goldy the fish.
Holdyn won Goldy at the bean bag toss. So far, he/she/it has lived since Saturday. We have been sure to explain to Holdyn that gold fish don't necessarily live long lives. On Sunday morning Holdyn woke up and ran to the kitchen where Goldy was living in a Mason Jar until I could dig up a fish bowl. He peered into the jar and let out a sigh of relief. He came over to K and me and said, "I knew Goldy would still be alive. I said two prayers last night to Heavenly Father that she wouldn't die." Such sweet, pure faith.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


This weekend was Homecoming at my and K's alma mater Jacksonville State University. Most of you know that's also the Ford family hometown. K and I also lived there for the first few years of our marriage until just before the girls were born. So, it really was coming home for us. We went to the parade and to the bookstore and then to the place that NO ONE in the family can resist whenever we're in town....
That's right, eat your hearts out! J/K we really missed everyone and wished the whole family could have been with us. (Maybe at Christmas?) Anyway, here's what we ate....
However, after our feeding frenzy (all this was gone in about 5 minutes) we were heartbroken to find that they were OUT OF PEANUT BUTTER!!!!! No PB milkshakes for us :( boo!
After eating we went outside and enjoyed the parade. It's been at least two or three years since we've been to the parade and we had a lot of fun.
Evie shakin' her stuff as the bands march by.
Pretty colors...

Marching Ballerinas....

And none other than the JSU Marching Southerners, Blow Southerners!!!But these guys are my #1 favorite of the entire parade

They were walking, shaking shakers and yelling "Go Gamecocks!" They even tried to get K to join them!What good sports! And, BTW that's the most backhair I've seen in awhile. We had so much fun! Later we went to the school fall festival more on that next time. Love ya!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Ba-aaaack!/Crazy hair day

Hello all,
I've missed you so! I've been slammed by school and projects. But finally last night I turned in my huge mid-term assignment and I've got some time to breathe. My family is glad I'm back and I've really missed them. I feel like I've been secluded in a dark closet for days and I'm finally stepping back into the light and the world! Thanks for all the kind comments I've missed you all, as well.

I've got some pics to share from a few weeks back. Each Friday is spirit day at school and a few weeks ago was Crazy Hair day (a personal fave). Our kids love to participate in these days and Crazy Hair day was fun. Just look...

And finally, I didn't have crazy hair for Crazy Hair day but I feel like having crazy hair today!

Love you all!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Daddy's Art Class

Since I have to go to class 3 nights a week K and the kids have been spending their afternoons and evenings together. They've been having a lot of fun (and fun is good, right Dr. Suess?). They've been shooting with bows and arrows. They've been practicing reading. They've been playing Wii games. And they've been having Daddy art class. The kids are enrolled in an after school art class that meets once a week. Holdyn took one session of this class last year and loved it. This year we've been less than enthused (the teacher changed) but we've payed for 7 (non-refundable) lessons each so art class it is. Anyway, Daddy's art class is awesome. K loved to draw as a kid and so do our 3. They've learned to draw cartoons like Dora and Wubzzy. Holdyn, who is currently on a STAR-WARS kick, has particularly enjoyed learning how to draw a battle droid and R2-D2. I think K should teach their art class, the pieces they've produced with him far exceed those from their actual "class." Needless to say, we have only two lessons left and we will not renew. Daddy's art class is way better in many ways. But, isn't that how it should be? Even if he was only teaching them to draw stick figures and happy faces thinks of the memories they are making (for free)!