Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Ba-aaaack!/Crazy hair day

Hello all,
I've missed you so! I've been slammed by school and projects. But finally last night I turned in my huge mid-term assignment and I've got some time to breathe. My family is glad I'm back and I've really missed them. I feel like I've been secluded in a dark closet for days and I'm finally stepping back into the light and the world! Thanks for all the kind comments I've missed you all, as well.

I've got some pics to share from a few weeks back. Each Friday is spirit day at school and a few weeks ago was Crazy Hair day (a personal fave). Our kids love to participate in these days and Crazy Hair day was fun. Just look...

And finally, I didn't have crazy hair for Crazy Hair day but I feel like having crazy hair today!

Love you all!!!


Living on the Spit said...

Welcome back! Remember that school is hard but well worth it the pain!!

Those kiddos are so cute! I always loved crazy hair days at school and the other spirit days.

YOu have the cutest crazy hair though.

Have a relaxing and wonderful weekend.


Are You Being Messerved said...

I love your hair!! It's something you should do everyday! ;) So, I'm glad to hear school is going well!! Congratulations on finishing your paper!! Love you and I've missed you so!!

Mama Hen said...

I like the hair! And congrats on your paper.

Emily said...

Sorry we didn't make it this weekend. We just had more stuff than would fit in one day...or weekend for that matter. You look really good!! Your hair is getting longer and the color looks good too! Your face looks young and must be doing something right! Let me know how much I owe you for the avon and I'll send a check. Love you!

The Archibald Family said...

Love the crazy hair kiddos. You guys are too cute!