Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fun over summer with sports

                                             Over the summer my family and I have done many sports.Including 
                    swimming, biking, hiking, and running.
                           Yes this is me. And I am a twin.I love my family.This is my sister.
                            Kallie on the left,and Evie on the right.I will get back soon with 
                            more news.

My busy first days of summerbreak. or maybe not so busy

         Okay so over the past couple of days we've been kinda busy. I think. Maybe.We've been out of town, been hanging out with family. I just thought over the summer we would just hang out,but we have thing to do that i didn't expect.So anyways Kallie and I got scholarship to the Tuscaloosa acting academy.Are nabor teaches at the academy and she said to sign up for the scholarship and see what would happen well mommy didn't teal  us so if we didn't get it we wouldn't be disappointed.That will start in a couple weeks.Also we have cosins and my aunt and uncle are coming to town from I don't guess we won't be bored.

By y'all from twin one.Evie =)

My 1st blog (about Minecraft, of course)

Sup everyone! This is my 1st blog post >:D. If you cannot tell from the epic face, I am excited! Now I will tell you about my Minecraft experience. I had received the full version of the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition , yeah! I was so excited I started to play right away. A few minutes later, I found my 1st stronghold. But the downside was that it was in creative mode(creative mode is when you have unlimited items and blocks break instantly) I destroyed the Enderdragon and finished the game, but I got the most epic prize ever! The dragon egg. Before I go, I wanted to tell you that while I was exploring, I stumbled upon an abandoned Mineshaft! The chests in abandoned Mineshafts might have some useful items, like diamonds!So anyway, I have to go.

sincerely yours,

A true "family blog"

So this space has been sorely neglected for an entire school year. I'm sad about that, but somethings have to give so that we can function on a daily basis. That said, the Vaughn kids have decided that they want this to be a truly family blog (for at least this summer). In other words, they're taking over. Holdyn, Evie, and Kallie will now be contributors to this space. I'm excited! I can't wait to see what they do!

Much Love,