Tuesday, July 21, 2015

        The journey into the unknown

 Today, after a long time of not writing I've decided to write about a big event in my whole family's life. My mom (Jennie) got a job. After finishing her dissertation, mommy applied all over the country for jobs as a English perfessor. After many nos and many first enterviews she made it to the second enter view at Gannon a university. Then all at once she got a campus tour and enter view and they loved her. And one day me and Kallie were playing in the hayloft of are barn outside and playing war of zombies when mommy got a call and it was Gannon they hired her and 3 months later we moved from Alabama to Pennsylvania a 13 hour trip. So June 30 our renters moved in and we started our decent to our new house. Daddy drove the moving truck the whole time through Alabama,Tennessee, Kentucky,Ohio,and then part of Pennsylvania. We got settled in and now we are mostly getting used to the time change. But daddy had to go back home to Alabama to finish out his notice. But on July 30 we fly back to Alabama for mommy's graduation and then drive back in our new car to Pennsylvania. My first time on an airplane. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!.



                                    Bye Yhall