Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer goings-on

Whew! These past few weeks have been busy. First, we had a fun family get together for my nephew Isaak's baptism. All my sisters and their children came home, which doesn't usually happen. It was really nice to celebrate such a special day all together.

The birthday boy blows out his candles!
After Isaak's birthday I took a little trip to Boston. It was my first time in that beautiful city and the first time in years that I've traveled alone. It was exhilarating and nerve-wracking! I was there to meet with the great people at Bedford/St. Martin's publishing company. They honored me by choosing me as a member of their 2012 Teaching Assistant Advisory Board. Only ten TAs are chosen from across the country to be on the board. It was an amazing two days of meeting with some really smart folks to talk about teaching and publishing. I got just a little time to walk around downtown Boston. I visited the public library, the Christian Science plaza, and the Copley mall. It was a quick trip, but I was exhausted and bad weather left me stranded overnight in Washington DC. I was so happy to bet home!
The fountain at the Christian Science Plaza. I met the nicest people here!
 Last week, we welcomed a few cousins for a visit. The Archibalds came to stay for a few days while my sister  and her husband looked for a new home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It was quite an experience mothering seven kids ages 10-1. I gained a whole new respect for mom's of large families and I reaffirmed my belief that I am done having babies. Done, I tell you! We had a great time with Bliss, Zade, Isla, and Kipp. I'll miss them terribly when they move up North! I hope we can make their visit with us an annual event.

The Cousin Crew (l-r) Holdyn, Evie, Kipp, Isla, Kallie, Bliss, and Zade
We took the cousins to meet their parents at Mama Ford and Grandfather's house on Saturday. My sister Lacy and her husband David were there, too. Long-time friends Rachel and Jeni came by with their kids for a dip in the pool and lunch. It was quite the day with smiles and hugs all-round!

Today, after two weeks, we're back to a lazy summer schedule. I'm glad! Busy-ness is fun and exciting, but I like low-key hangout at the house days, too.

I hope you're having as much fun this summer as I am!

Much Love, J

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Emily said...

We too, loved getting to see everyone. I'm glad your trip went well and that you survived all the kids! They're great but 7 has to be hard for anyone! Enjoy the lazy days!