Friday, August 1, 2008

Questions from Holdyn

Yesterday Holdyn and I were watching "American Sharks" from the Discovery Channel's SharkWeek. The program was outlining all the types of sharks found in the ocean waters around the US from New England to Alaska. Anyway, we'd been watching for about half an hour and the narrator was talking about how most sharks don't "attack" people they just "mistake" people for fish or sea lions. Whatever, the things have a gazillion sharp teeth and know how to use 'em. I digress.
So, we're watching the show and Holdyn says, "Is a shark's visual accuity based on movement?" WHAT?! This is a seven year old, visual what? So of course, I respond like any loving, college educated mother would, "Uh, what?" He sighs this exasperated sigh like he's wondering why he's cursed with such an ignorant mother or wondering how I managed to get my stupid self out of bed this morning. Then he slowly says, like he's talking to a baby or puppy, "If you stay still, will the shark not be able to see you? Like a T-Rex?" (Of course, to him everything is comparable to dinosaurs.) Still shocked and amazed by the question I reply the only way I can, "I don't know. Maybe they'll say during the show. Let's watch." (PS, they didn't discuss a shark's visual accuity.)

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Rachael M. said...

Where do they get that stuff? My 4-year-old nephew asks questions this complicated, and it's like, "WHAT? WHO TOLD YOU TO ASK THAT?!"

Oh well - at least you know you're doing something right. :-)