Monday, July 14, 2008

Throw out the TV, Move to the Country, Eat alot of Peaches

As most of you know, we live in the country. Earlier this year Krager and I (mostly I) decided that we should take advantage of our 3 acres and start a little farm. In May we purchased 2 pygmy goats and a friend bought one to keep on our property. Thus Peter, Anna, and Tink the goats entered our lives. For us they serve a cute lawn mowers. They eat our grass and weeds in a fenced off portion of the acreage and really only need a small shelter and fresh water to be perfectly happy. Holdyn, 7, and Evie and Kallie, almost 5, really love feeding the goats an occasional treat a checking on them daily. Pygmy goats are small about 24-30 inches tall full-grown and only about 50lbs. They are also very sweet and gentle. We've thoroughly enjoyed our three. I'm hoping to get more and I'm trying to convince my Dad to buy a milking machine so that we can have milk and cheese!

Here's Kallie with Tink, our friend's goat. Tink is pregnant and we are thrilled that she is staying with us for awhile. We can't wait to see her baby(ies).

These are our goats Peter and Anna. Anna has on the blue collar and Peter the red. Yes, they have on cat collars. Trust me, if you've ever tried to catch and hold a goat for worming or medicine you'd put a collar on them, too! Peter was sick for a few weeks with scours (diarrhea). He had to be quarantined and given 3-5 pills a day for 10 me. Needless to say I had to get brave and strong quick because the phrase "stubborn as an old goat" is rooted in the truth. Shoving huge pills down a goat's throat was new to me!
It was rewarding though to see Peter slowly regain his health and be completely healed and know that I had a hand in his care.
So, as you can see we are becoming thoroughly countrified and are loving it. Keep reading to learn about some of our other experiments like raising chickens!


Rachael M. said...

#1 - Yea! Your assimilation is now complete :-D

#2 - I now need a bigger yard because you make me want goats.

#3 - LOVE Kallie's haircut!!

The Archibald Family said...

So glad you finally gave in. I always said the same thing...but it is a very useful tool when everyone is everywhere but in one place. Can't wait to read more.