Monday, July 21, 2008

Smells like sunshine

So, its summer which, in Alabama, means its hot. Hotter than blue h-e-double hockey sticks! Summer means its time to bust out the clothesline. Beginning in May I eschew the dryer and hang the clothes out to dry. And dry they do! Most times by the time I get to the bottom of the basket the first things on the line are already dry. Its energy efficient and the clothes smell like sunshine. It may sound corny, but I really do enjoy hanging the clothes out. And it makes me feel like I'm doing something positive for the Earth. (Plus, the colors look pretty on the line!) I know the "green bandwagon" may seem cliche but I'm really getting into "greening up" our lives here on Vaughn Farms.
PS I don't hang out the underwear and socks (too many little pieces).


Emily said...

I think it's great. We are starting to try to do more green things too. We, of course, recycle, but we are trying to do more things, like run the air less and drive only where we have to. I have also really gotten on the food storage thing. I enjoy feeling like I'm being less wasteful.

The Archibald Family said...

I love hanging clothes on the line. Blasen always was embarrassed...but whatever. It was especially helpful when I was using cloth diapers. Some complain about clothes being stiff, i.e. Blasen. A cup of fabric softener in the wash solves that problem.

Rachael M. said...

I barely can stand to move clothes from the washer to the dryer, much less go outside and stand in the heat and hang them all.

More power to you! I'll just cut back on my energy usage elsewhere. I find myself sitting in mostly dark rooms when I'm alone and since I run a little on the chilly side, I have no problem having the air set pretty high for most of the day :-D

But hang clothes on the line? I'm not quite there yet. :-D

April said...

Hi Jennie,

I love to hang out our laundry too....well, not towels, I don't like drying myself off with sandpaper. I do hang out all the socks and underwear but then I make my kids go out and fold it all.

Thanks for coming over to my place. I love a country girl!!!!