Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Great 4th of July Massacre of '08

As usual (and expecially where animals or children are involved) things rarely go according to plan. There's always some unforseen factor that inserts itself into your perfect equation and promptly screws everything up! In our perfect animal husbandry equation the unforseen factor is a Marshall, our huge, sweet black lab whose only want in life is to play with every other living creature big and small. Can you see where this story is going? That's right, Marshall wanted to play with the little chicks. I'm sure he dreamed about it night and day for weeks. Fast forward two weeks after we'd gotten the first chicks...July 4th. The family had been gone most of the morning to the grandparents' and we returned home for a post swimming nap. The chicks are in a small (3'x3') cage inside a large (8'x8') pen. After a blissful nap we awake and get ready to go back for more swimming. I look out the back windows of the house to check on the chicks and see the door to thier large pen is open and I can't see any chicks in the small pen. Immediately I get Krager and send him out to investigate while trying to keep the kids inside away from the carnage. To spare you gory details -- only two of the 8 chicks survived their playdate with Marshall. So, the kids learned about the "Circle of Life" after all. Luckily, chicks are cheap and Daddy bought more the next day. PS Marshall is still literally in the dog house for his actions. The kids decided that he is never allowed in the house again. We'll see how long that lasts, he is terribly sweet and cute and was only trying to play. He didn't eat a single one.


Emily said...

I didn't know you guys had a blog! Yeah, I'm so glad! I can't believe all that happened on the 4th of July...that is too funny! Well, not exactly. We had fun with you and the kids while we were visiting.

Rachael M. said...

I'd love to have chicks, but aside from having a much too small yard, the "Mr. Mike - Greatest Hunter in the Universe" factor would totally not allow this to happen.


AND - You are TOO sweet about the coat! I would LOVE for you to do it if you're sure you'd be up for it. I figure if I just do the pattern a size or two larger, it may not even need darts, plus, since it's s swing coat, it's supposed to be bigger...and it may be easier to take in once I'm smaller again if I don't do darts. But I'll defer to your expert seamstress skills. I'm going to see if I can find a nice, thick houndstooth pattern with a crimson satin for the lining :-D