Friday, July 18, 2008

Reporting from the Man Cave

I found two web sites that everyone might enjoy. The first web site is called Woot. Woot is a web site that offers mostly electronics at greatly reduced prices. They only sells one item a day and after that one day it is gone, so you have to really be ready to buy what ever it is. Today's deal is a JVC MiniDV Digital Camcorder for $119.99 (normally around $300.00)

Web site number two is called Ventones. Ventones lets you upload any sound or music file and create a ringtone for you cell phone for free. You can create the kids laughing or load any song and have it be you cell phone's ringtone. I have created several ringtones for Jennie and myself. You will have to create a user name and password, but no hidden charges or spam email later down the road. One important note, all files will have to be in MP3 format. If you use Itunes like I do just open Windows Media Player and convert the song or sound file from ACC to MP3 format, then load it to Ventones.

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