Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

To recap, when I was asked to teach a class at church recently about saving money on food and cooking healthy meals I divided the information into three parts. I've already posted on the first part - PLAN. Today its time for the second part - EXPERIMENT.

By experiment I mean
  • try different cost saving measures and find what fits your style and comfort level. There are many, many options including: Coupons, freezer meals, crockpot meals, stocking up, shopping sales at multiple stores, etc. Not everything works for everybody; try a few methods to find what works for you.
  • try new recipes. Again, it may be a flop but it also might become a family favorite.
  • 30 Meals in One day is a great resource. I used this program with my sister and we both cooked 30 freezer meals for about $150 for each of us.
  • Make your own freezer meals. Make double recipes of family favorites and freeze the second recipe.
  • Make your own mixes. I make my own pancake mix and my own muffin mix. You can make your own "Bisquick" type mixes too. The Make A Mix cookbook series is available from Amazon and other retailers.
  • Ask your friends and family for their own tips and tricks. Then try them on for size, they just might be a perfect fit!

So, that's it for this Thursday. I've also got two new websites you can check out. These come compliments of my friend Vanessa, a fellow frugalista. She uses and Thanks Vanessa!

Remember, experiment and try something new, you just might find saving money is easier and more fun than you think!


Sevan76 said...

Hey! Your welcome. I love that you are writing about this topic. Very helpful and definitely timely. I can't believe just how much my spending and shopping habits have changed over the past year. All since becoming a stay-at-home mom . . .necessity really is the mother of invention, or in this case, ingenuity. I have to say my "method", other than being a hardcore coupon user, is using the internet to plan my shopping in advance. Being prepared makes all the difference.

♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

I used to go to the place where you can make a lot of freezer meals, but I love the idea of doing it yourself!