Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thanks to All

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who commented or emailed with tips for healthy cooking on a budget. I taught the class last night and it went really well! I'm probably the person who learned the most, though. So, again, thanks for helping me and imparting some great tips, hints, and recipes. I'm considering sharing these with all of you and making it a regular feature. What do you think? I will of course give attribution to the person who shared the tip/recipe with me. But, would anyone be interested? Let me know!


Rachael M. said...

I'd love to read all the stuff you got! I need tips!

The Archibald Family said...

I'd like to see what you found, so I don't have to go looking on my own!

Mama Hen said...

Glad your cooking class went well. My gardening class is tonight and I'm a little nervous. I don't speak well in front of crowds.

I would love to hear anything you got, especially recipes!!!