Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - Planning Part II

Last Thursday I gave you the first half of my planning tips. Here's the second half; hope you find something you can use!
--Find the clearance, reduced or manager's special section of your store(s). Most stores have specific discount areas.
--If you don't shop the sales or use coupons Aldi, Sam's Club, and Dollar Tree have good prices daily. (Ex. Aldi's milk is $2.00/gallon for skim and 1%)
--A deep freezer can be invaluable! Think about investing in one. We bought ours (7 cubic feet) at Wal-Mart at the end of summer on sale for less than $200. Also, ask friends or family if they want to part with their freezer or share. When I taught my class the other night a friend said her empty-nester parents have 4 (!!!) deep freezers they aren't using and she also offered to give me her large one that she doesn't need. I'm going to take her up on that!
--Shop the bread store for loaves, buns, bagels, and snack cakes. Day old bread at the bread store is still fresher (and cheaper) than most bread at the grocery store.
--Shop after holidays to stock up on candy, snacks, and specialties. Many candies (like chocolate) can be frozen and then used in baking, etc. (contributed by Shauna Johnson)

Well, that's it for Plan! Next Thursday - Experiment...

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