Monday, January 2, 2012

Organizing the Chaos

Yes, I labeled my book shelves. Doesn't everyone?

In preparation for the end of Christmas vacation I'm trying to get this house cleaned out and organized. So far, I've tackled the linen closet, the cleaning supplies, the spice cabinet, and the pantry shelves. Today it was time to reorganize my office. The bookshelves were first. I categorized the books by type: fiction, nonfiction, comp/rhet, reference, and anthologies. I know, I'm incredibly nerdy, but I use all of these books - a lot - and I don't have time to dig around looking for what I need. After the bookshelves (which took a couple hours), I rearranged the desk, printer, and guest bed. Then separated the craft supplies from my sewing stuff. That way, the kids can get to the craft stuff without tumbling through my sewing patterns, fabric, and notions.

So, that's done! Now I need to get the toys and craft area in order. My closet needs a clean out. And when the kids go back to school on Thursday, I plan on a major overhaul of their junk, I mean bedrooms. Wheeee, I'm giddy thinking about how neat our nooks will be for 2012 (well, January anyway)!

What are you excited about for 2012?

Much Love, J


Sara said...

I like the new look and I'm thrilled you took up the blog again. I've been doing the same cleaning/organizing. Gotta make room for the new toys.

Emily said...

I too am glad to see the new posts on here! I am just maintaining the cleaning projects we have daily until we are in a place more our own! That is what we are looking forward to this year. Being close to family! We have had such a great time here in VA and will miss the great friends we have here! But keeping it on the happy side we want to look forward to what's coming in June! Love you all!