Sunday, January 1, 2012

One year later...

Yikes! A whole year since I've updated this blog?! It doesn't seem possible. 2011 literally flew by! We moved "to town" last December (thus the name change) and have thrown ourselves into life here in Tuscaloosa. The kids started the new/old year at a new school and have thrived. I spent the year teaching Freshmen, bless them, studying, reading, and writing my brains out. K spent his days driving back and forth to work in Birmingham, watching Alabama football, and generally being the most awesome hubs and daddy around! In short, it was a fantastic year of busy-ness and blessings. The Country-turned-City Vaughns are doing alright and looking forward to 2012. The silliness, happiness, and craziness will continue (the yuckiness, tears, and heartaches will too) and maybe this space won't be so neglected this year. 

Much Love, 

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These Nine Acres said...

Well hello there! Glad you were able to stop in and catch us up on your latest! City folk now, huh! Sounds exciting. Glad you are well.