Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ya Follow?

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I've been thinking about this for a long time. Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by this whole "Followers" thing? Probably just me, but let me 'splain. Back several months ago when Blogger started promoting this whole following thing everybody started putting up their "Followers" widget and people started following their favorite blogs. I know its a nice way to always know when your faves are updated and all (I even have 5 followers of my own). But the whole thing really creeps me out. I think its the term "followers" itself. It conjures up images in my twisted brain of some crazed cult leader, wearing a bedsheet, black Nikes, and a feathered headress exhorting everyone to, "Drink the Kool-aid" of my blog. Weird, I know. What can I say?
As a result I have never become a "Follower" of any blog. Although, as you can tell by my own blog there are several blogs that I do, um, follow with a frequency that some might call religious. Oh Jeez, now I'm creeping myself out!
Another thing about following -- it's become quite the status symbol. People display their followers' cute little pictures on their sidebars and give extra giveaway entries for following their blogs (don't even get me started on Tweeting, RS subscriptions and all that nonsense). Please know I'm not judging anyone who follows or has followers!!! It all just seems creepy and wrong to me.
That said, I hope none of my followers decided to "un-follow"(?) me. I'm honored that you'd want to follow me anywhere or even care about my mostly incoherent ramblings on this here blog. Thanks!

Question: Who, what, when, where and why do you follow? Am I really the only person to think the term "Followers" is creepy? (I wouldn't be surprised if I am. I'm totally weird and over analytical) I want to know what you think, follow me?


Mama Hen said...

Hey girl! I don't follow you, I just click you on my favorites list all the time and say, "AH, when WILL she post again?" :)

You know, when I first saw the followers thing I thought it was the stupidist most vain thing there was. I guess I caved to peer pressure though cause now I have it on my blog. When I started following people I realized it would save me some time each morning cause I would know who had a new post. But you know me, I just kept finding more blogs to follow so now I spend WAYYYY to much time on this thing.

I would follow you anywhere Jennie, just for the music. JUST KIDDING-your family is so sweet and I love that you are a AL girl too.

Vanessa said...

You're funny. I have never thought about it much. . .reason why I "follow" blogs is that I'm prob going to check certain blogs fairly regularly and I love having all the updates in one handy place. Every time I log into Blogger, there are new posts listed of all my fav blogs and I can pick and choose which ones look interesting. It just simplifies things for me!

I think of the term "follow" in this case not so much as "follow the leader" but as "follow along" and keep up with.

The reason I display my devotees (ha!)is to sort of pay it forward. Maybe someone checking out my ramblings will click on a particular follower and discover their blog. . . then again, I don't think any of my followers have blogs. And I guess my link list would suffice. Ok, ok! I just like the miniature ego boost ;)

Living on the Spit said..., you are not weird and yes, I am one of your followers because I love to hear what you have to say...see what the kiddos are up to or catch glimpses of the goats when I get them!! (hint)

I use the following thingy to keep up with the 14,000,000 blogs I just love!!!

I personally could care less whether I have one follower or a nillion...that is not why I choose to blog the insane and rambunctious is so no one in my real life has to hear me...not that they listen anyway.

Follow me?

Jennie said...

Thanks ladies for the comments. You've all given me a new outlook on "Following"
And I love each of you and check for your posts daily. So I guess I do kinds follow you!

Are You Being Messerved said...

I follow because sometimes I don't have time to look at everyone's blog to see if they updated anything. I follow to know that there are updates!! Love you!! Don't worry, some followers are scary, but I think I'm okay!!