Monday, September 8, 2008

An Older Woman

So yet again I am married to an older woman.

Hey don't cry! I love older women.

I mean -- Uh --- Don't look at me like that!
Smile it is you birthday!

Happy Birthday Jennie! We love you!!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday! I left you a message on your phone...I hope you got it! I have a great day! Love you!

Rachael M. said...

HAHA! I love a photo montage. Don't feel bad, Jennie - I'm in the SAME boat. Curse those younger men for being so good (generally)

Happy birthday!

PS - That last picture is AWESOME. Love your hair!

Are You Being Messerved said...

Very funny, Happy Birthday Jennie! I hope you have a great day! Love you!

Alicia said...

Happy birthday Jennie!!!

The Archibald Family said...

I like the hair...and the pictures. Hey I'm married to the youngest of all. Right now we have a smaller gap, just till January. Blasen reminds me often that we graduated the same from college, him from high school! Am I considered a "cougar"?

Emily said...

OK, Jen, I know somethings been going on with all those kids of yours. Where's the new post!? No, really. I do hope you are fine and was wondering if you had started school yet?

Living on the Spit said...

You are really beautiful!!!