Friday, September 5, 2008

The Inadvertent Gardner

We didn't plant a garden this year. I really wanted to and had great plans for all of the fruits and veggies we'd plant. But things happened, or should I say, didn't happen--like me getting my butt outside and planting--so now we don't have a garden. But hark, there is hope!
Behold, my watermelon vine!!!!

This watermelon vine is growing in the middle of our backyard. Earlier in the summer I bought a watermelon and we ate most of it. The last bit spoiled so I tried to feed it to Marshall, the four-legged garbage disposal. He wouldn't eat it so I dumped it out of his bowl onto the grass and left it. A few months later, VIOLA! A lone vine. I'm not sure if it will yield any fruit but it does have blooms, see...Maybe my inadvertent gardening will be fruitful, literally!


Living on the Spit said...

That is so totally cool...keep us posted on the outcome!!!!

Emily said...

Yum, Watermelon! I hope it works for you! The boys are missing your kids. Isaak asked today if when he goes to kindergarten if he will be going with Kallie and Evie. When I told him "No" he was rather upset! But we hope to get out there soon...we'll see. Love you and good luck with the watermelon.

Mama Hen said...

That's great! I hope you get a big watermelon!