Thursday, September 4, 2008


That's how I'm feeling today. I had a stomachache last night which kept me from sleeping well so I was trying to rest today because I have class tonight. But today (probably because I feel yucky) I am terribly lonely. This is the first time since school started for the kids that I've felt weepy and sad. See, they start Art lessons after school today so they will stay at school instead of me picking them up. Then, when they are finished at 4pm K will pick them up. I know they will have a great time and they won't need me to get them there or back. I trust everyone at their school and of course their Daddy,too. But still, I'm feeling sad that I won't see them before they go to bed tonight. I won't be there to pick them up and listen to all three of them talk (at once) about how their days were, etc. I'm getting teary just thinking about it! Pathetic, I know, but I'm not so good at independence. I've prayed for it, wished for it, and begged for it and now they are ready to exercise some of it and I'm terrified and sad and lonely.... Gotta go, my eyes are too wet to see the screen... I'll be fine tomorrow, its just one of those days.


Alicia said...

Oh Jennie....Sew a little and start some new projects!! If you want something to do, Ben's birthday is coming up. He needs a visitor on his birthday. Oh I wish that I had some quiet but not after the preschool we just about sent the girls too. Ask Emily and she will tell you all about it!!

Jennie said...

You're right, of course! I actually felt much better after I vented my feelings. I did sew some yesterday and of course I'm about to be completely swamped with the classes I'm in this semester. Thankfully, getting busy cured my blah's. And the kids were fine and had a wonderful time in Art Class, so today's a new day for all of us!

Living on the Spit said...

I have lots of those days so I do understand. I do not adapt to change very well. I hope you have a good weekend with your kiddos to make up for their time away.