Thursday, September 18, 2008

My 2 New Fave Shows

There are two new shows this fall that have quickly become "I must Tivo and watch!"

First is "90210". Now, I'm sure this is just because when I was growing up and the original Beverly Hills 90210 was on i was forbidden to watch it. But, I do like the new one. Right now, it is mainly about these two kids that move from Kansas to BH because their dad is the new principal of West Beverly High. The kids, Anna and Dixon, have to adjust to a school where kids drive $100,000 cars and have jets to cart them around whenever they want. But so far the two are sticking to their "Mid-Western sensibilities" which is Hollywood talk for they've actually got morals. Hum, teenagers with morals, that's a new TV concept.

The second show is a little less sweet. Actually, it can be down-right nasty, but it is totally HILARIOUS. It's "Whatever, Martha," a new show in the Fine Living Network. This show takes clips of old Martha Stewart shows and the hosts, Alexis Stewart (Martha's daughter) and her friend Jennifer Hutt totally rip on them. As a recovering Martha-holic I find it humorus and theraputic to hear the things I think about the show said outloud. Of course, the show is produced by the big M herself but her daughter is either truly damaged or a great actress. Last night, I cackled when they showed a clip of Martha proclaiming how vital it was that we all know how to GROOM A HORSE and the two show hosts pipe up with, "Oh yes, because everyone in America has a horse in need of proper grooming!"
(sidenote: this show can get mean and Alexis obviously has a potty mouth, she gets bleeped quite often)
It truly lives up to the ad, "You've thought it. Now they say it!"
Gotta go, Tivo's calling!


Rachael M. said...


Ben will be calling you soon to complain about how I now need a more expensive cable package that includes the "fine living" channel.

That show sounds like I need to be a host!

I guess Miss M thinks she can handle anything mean her daughter says. WHO - by the way - I still wonder if she's spending a gajillion dollars a year on IVF treatments to try and Make Martha a grandma...

Jennie said...

I'm sure that Martha doesn't care how she is slandered as long as she makes money off the whole deal!

Alicia said...

I am so glad that it is just not me watching every week for 90210. I think it does have that appeal since i wasn't allowed to watch it either. thanks for the DVR so that steve and I can watch it later in the week!! It seems like they are doing a good job. Loved the whole 'family night' thing too!!!