Tuesday, August 3, 2010


That's all I can say!  I stumbled across this awesome, inspiring blog last week.  Gayle is the mom of four kids and she (along with her husband) eat each week on a grocery budget of $60.  That's right, $60 a week for a family of 6 (including at least one teenage boy)!!!  That also includes toiletries but not make-up, clothes, etc.  Also, they only spend $40 per week on gas ($20/2cars).  They do have a garden and she homeschools the kids.  However, judging by our food consumption this summer that may not be a budget helper!  Perhaps my favorite thing about Gayle's plan is that she doesn't use coupons -- that's right NO COUPONS!  Considering that I absolutely loathe coupons, this chick immediately won my favor.

We used to have a much tighter grocery budget, but lately we've gotten a little lax.  I'm ready to tighten the reins; thankfully not because we HAVE to, but just to be more responsible.  We are wasting a lot and we know better!!  That extra cash could be used to pay off some debt and boost our savings.  I'm not sure I want to immediately cut back to $60 per week, but I'm really considering $80.  We'll see.

So, not to be nosy, but I'm wondering what do you spend each week on groceries?  What about clothes, shoes, gas, etc?  Just wondering...

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Deep in the Heart of Happy said...

I am going to go check her out!! Seriously, $60...I want to do that.

I love how you have this deep desire to be financially responsible. It inspires me. I love ya, think about you all the time and SOOOO proud of you.

Jason and Wendy said...

I do Dave Ramsey for the most part and use cash. My grocery budget during the school year is $125/week. In summers past I have cut the budget to $100/week, but it stayed the same this summer. We ate well!

Gas for my van $50/week.
Gas for Jason's truck $65/week.

I'm still fine tuning my budget.