Friday, August 20, 2010


I got an iphone this week.  I know, fancy, right!  Anyway, that's not really what this post is about.  While setting up the phone (does anyone else find the process of choosing ringtones annoying?) the kids came in and wanted to hear the ringtone.  I'd chosen the tone called "old phone," it sounds old phone circa 1950-80 ringing.  So I played the ringtone and all 3 kids laughed and said, "What's that supposed to be?"


That's when I realized they have never heard a phone with a bell ringer!  I shouldn't be surprised because we've not had a "landline" in all the time they can remember.  But still, it's a shock to the system to be reminded of how much things have changed just within my lifetime.  Both sets of my grandparents had those heavy, black rotary dial phones.  In fact, until I was a teenager my Granny had a "party line."  The old lady who shared the line was ALWAYS on the phone!  Could you imagine that today?  It's not like this is ancient history we're talking about; I'm not THAT old.  (Shut it!  I hear that snorting and snickering!)

My children have never lived without cellphones, video games, satellite TV and the Internet.  They are very savvy, not only technologically so but also environmentally and gastronomically.  They remind ME to turn off lights and not to run the water when I brush my teeth.  They sigh and shake their heads whenever they see people clearing land and cutting down trees.  They question the origin of their hamburgers' beef and want to know if their fruit is organic.  I'm amazed at their sophistication -- I did not teach them a lot of this stuff -- they are just products of their era.

Of course, they are still kids (thankfully).  They ride bikes, play outside, run in the house, and jump on the furniture.  At the same time I marvel at the differences in our childhoods, I smile at the similarities.  It all makes me wonder...what will they live through?  What will their children never live with and without?

Much Love,
- J

PS -- I'm not daft, I know this is not a perfect time we're living in, but I know there is more good than evil.  I would drown in fear if I thought about all the chaos, hate, and danger prowling today.  You can say what you will, but I choose to focus on the positive in the hopes that I can increase the amount of good, beauty, and love in the world.


Vanessa said...

We had the big ol' black rotary phones in all the military housing we lived in growing up! It is kind of crazy how much has changed in just the last 10-20 years.You know what I miss. . . mix tapes! Those were the best. Took some work to create those and when you were given one, it really meant something. A bit different from copying a playlist and burning it to a disk.

Emily said...

Here, here! I agree with your PS! I feel the same way!

Mama Hen said...

My grandparents had an old black rotary phone and also had a party line. How I wish I had that old phone now! It had such a loud ring and you could hear it from outside even. It sat on a little table right by the couch.

Thanks for the sweet remembrance.

Mama Hen said...

I love Weeza too!!!!! I actually love them all and wish I could be a good combo of them.

I did not make a tote bag bc as soon as I put it on my blog my sister told me she had my favorite bag at her house (the one I had been looking for) and then my MIL won one and she didn't want it so she gave it to me. Now I have two and NO sewing. Which is a good thing, cause I got over the sewing kick after I looked at the patterns. I know, I'm hopeless.