Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As Corny as Kansas in August

We shucked, cleaned, and prepped the corn and ended up with 35 ears and a bunch of creamed corn. However, I thought this photo best depicted the magnitude of the job. My helpers did all the shucking (and jiving?) while I washed, trimmed, blanched and bagged. Although I had more individual tasks our workload was about even. I'm proud of my little workers.

Here's to hoping your summer is corny, too!

Much Love,


Deep in the Heart of Happy said...

Jennie!!! That is an amazing amount of corn! I bet it was worth it for all that hard work you and the little did. I love corn...almost more than pie and ice cream. Way to go, Guys!!

Emily said...

Yum I love fresh corn! And wow, that's a big pile! Give those kids a hug for me! Love you all!

Mama Hen said...

Now that is a lot of corn!