Thursday, July 22, 2010

Even more pickin'

Thanks to some kind family friends with an awesome garden we're enjoying a sweet bounty.  The kids and I picked corn, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, and cantaloupe yesterday morning.  45 minutes of picking yielded this...

It is literally more than we could carry! Holdyn is proving to be a very good farmer-boy. He loves the hunt for ripe veggies/fruits. Also, he love the various creatures he finds while picking! Evie and Kallie seem to be able to find any ants within a 50 mile radius, become promptly bitten, and then find the closest shady spot to "rest" and "take a water break". However, they love to help me prepare the bounty once we get it home. I love it all! I so wish that we would have planted a garden this year. It is high on my list of goals for next year, though. Especially since the kiddos are so enthusiastic. In the past any garden we had was a solo effort on my part.

So, how does your garden grow? What do you love to plant? What never turns out?

Much Love,


These Nine Acres said...

I would love to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, and beans. However, I have NOTHING planted because for all that work, I am the only one who would eat any of it. :0(

Jeni said...

You've probably seen my blog posts about our first garden. Our carrots didn't come up this year and our watermelons are just doing so/so. We have overflowing squash, and our corn, snap beans, tomatoes, okra, and purple hull peas are coming along. It's been so satisfying to prepare, can, and freeze our own vegetables! Love it!

When and where in Ttown are you guys moving??

Chez Nous said...

The only gardening I did this year was shrubs and flowers. My verbena and begonias are hanging on for dear life. The heat fried my salvia regardless of all the watering and weeding. I'm pleased that 4, maybe even 5, of my 7 shrubs that were transplanted to the back yard appear to be making it.
I really want a vegetable garden next year...we'll see. Our family is like yours, it would be a solo effort.