Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mamma Mia!

So, I've got a new favorite movie. For years now my favorite has been Notting Hill. You know, with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. She plays a super-famous movie star (a stretch, I'm sure) and Hugh Grant is a regular guy, bookstore owner. They meet, fall in love, have a disagreement, reconcile, etc. It's actually not a new story but for some reason it so captivated me. I dreamed about it. Especially the last scene where Julia lounges pregnant on a park bench with her head resting on Hugh's lap as he reads a book. So picturesque and sweet and Julia looked so fabulous with her (fake) pregnant belly. Oh, I dreamed of that for myself (even after I fell in love, got married and had babies). Ok, so I'm slightly (extremely) delusional and dreamy, sue me. No, don't I can't afford the stress, hassle, expense, etc. Instead, over-look my eccentricities, m-kay?

Well, while I will always hold Notting Hill in my heart my new fave is Mama Mia! I love the songs, the locale, and the humor. If you've seen it and wonder why I'm just catching on, again over look please. If you haven't seen it, it's a fun time. I mean, who knew Remmington Steele/James Bond could sing and dance?

Now, moving on, a few more things...

Evie's new favorite phrase? "BARRACK OBAMA IS AWESOME!!!!!!" I don't know where she heard that or why she feels the need to scream it repeatedly but there you go. She's five and obviously feels the need to scream alot. (It's hereditary, I'm 32 and feel the need to scream alot!)

Holdyn's new obsession? Weighing things. Yesterday I subbed in the school's Home Ec dept. The elementary kids get out earlier than the high school so I always have a student go get the kids and bring them to the class I'm in. Holdyn found the food scale that measures in ounces. He spent 30 minutes and would have spent the rest of the day weighing random things.

Him: "This pencil weighs less than one ounce!" "The glue bottle weighs over eight ounces!" "These trash bags weigh two ounces!" "I wonder how much the fire extinguisher weighs?"

All the students in the class look at each other in confusion.

Me: smiling at my little scientist the entire time!

The kids new favorite song? Well, their favorite used to be Led Zepplin's "Black Dog". As Kallie said, "This song is good even if they never talk about a black dog!" Now a new favorite is sung repeatedly at full volume, "American Woman, said get a-way! American Woman, listen what I s-ay!"

Do they totally rock or what? I wish I was as cool as them when I was a kid. Oh well, I'm growing into my coolness! ;)

I was going to upload a photo but stupid blogger won't let me! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!

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Living on the Spit said...

Blogger was down this afternoon...

That is so sute about your son weighing things!!! I do that all the time, well I get paid to as a part of my job, so maybe we have a budding environmental scientist?

I haven't seen Mama Mia yet...I am so lame. I have seen Nottinghill and agree, that movie is captivating.

I love ya girly...have a great day.