Sunday, January 18, 2009


I know we live in Alabama and enjoy moderate weather year-round. It's fabulous, even when its so hot outside you can barely breathe. I love it! I really am a Southern girl. That being said I absolutely despise cold weather. And buddy, right now it is cold! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the temperature barely eeked above freezing. Today it was warmer but not by much. Hopefully it will warm up some this week. I hate being cold and the kids get crazy being stuck inside for so long. I hope tomorrow is warmer. There's no school for MLK day and there's a lot of animal type chores to get done around here.

Come on sunshine, we're ready for ya!


Alicia said...

Yesterday was beautiful in Park City. A warm 38 with the sun out!! Yes my kids went out without jackets and loved every minute. Kinda funny that 38 for us is a heat wave and that it felt warm.

At least we are not in Chicago right now. That is cold!!

Living on the Spit said...

I hear you! When you are use to it or even like it...the cold temperatures are hard to bare. Send it all my way. I will take care of it for you.