Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Y'all just don't know how thrilled I am by this mild winter we're having! Really, I haven't heard anyone complaining. Face it, we live in Alabama. Generally, we don't get, need, or want snow. We like it hot. I won't even get into the swimming pool until the water is in the high seventies and the air outside is in the mid-ninties. Seriously!

Yesterday was really nice and we had a little time after school, so we headed to campus, got a smoothie, and took a little stroll. Just look!

Hangin' with Coach Saban outside the stadium
And with the Bear

Holdyn had to have his own picture.
After last spring's awful storms, I'm choosing to view this winter as a gift and blessing! Extra days of warmth and sunshine to boost my very soul. This is a winter I can handle!

Much Love, J 


Emily said...

I agree with you Jen, I have loved the milder winter. We have still gotten snow up here but for the most part is has been really nice. It gives the boys more days outside and me more time to get some Vit. D! I'm glad you are enjoying it!

Sara said...