Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Round-up

I do enjoy crafting. Really, I do! I just don't get to do them that often. Usually, I save up crafts for when school's out, but then acting as chief cat herder is so exhausting that I never enjoy our craft projects. But somehow, this Valentine's day was different. I don't know if it was because I organized myself (via Pinterest), had most supplies on hand, or just got shot by cupid's arrow, but we had a regular crafting sweat shop here on Monday afternoon. Here's what we made:

All the fifth grade padawan's got light sabers.
The third graders got fortune tellers,
or cootie catchers, whatever they're called.

The teachers got "diamond" rings,
and so did my friends.
Then on the big morning the girls sported heart pigtails. Thank you Pinterest and all you crafty folks out there for making our Valentine's day cheery and crafty! (PS All this V-day craftiness cost less than $10.)

Much Love, J

1 comment:

Hanners said...

Those are THE CUTEST PIGTAILS I have ever seen.