Friday, March 20, 2009

Meeting Miss Lilah and other stuff, too

This is Miss Lilah. She the new baby of our dear friends, Rachel and Ben. We were privleged to meet her for the first time this last Wednesday. She lives out of state and it was our first chance to see her sweet, baby face. Evie loves babies, as you can see. Spring Break is drawing to a close. The weather has been great and the kids have had a blast playing outside all week long. Today Evie dressed as a cheerleader and Kallie as a dinosaur. They went out to jump on the trampoline and Holdyn was in his room. He came out in his robe with his lightsaber, dressed as a Jedi. Too funny! Even funnier was later I went outside to break up a scwabble between him and Kallie. She had taken the lightsaber from him and he was mad. He says to me, "Mommy, Kallie took the lightsaber and now I'm just a man in a robe!" I guess a Jedi without a lightsaber is, in fact, just a man in a robe. :)


Living on the Spit said... funny your little man is!!! That is so cute.

Mama Hen said...

Don't you love it when they dress up and just have fun with each other? Their imaginations are so fun. And yes, a Jedi must have his lightsaber. It really makes the Jedi, you know?

Shauna said...

So precious and CUTE!!!