Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you.

To all the veterans of the US Armed Forces:
(and especially those in our family)

Thank you for your service. (My Dad, Donnie)

Thank you for your sacrifice. (Dad's older brother, "Snooky", killed in Vietnam, age 19)

Thank you for your devotion. (K's Dad, Ray)

Thank you for your courage. (K's older brothers, Kurtis and Kent)

Thank you for your selfless service. (another of K's older brothers, Kolton)

Thank you for your love of country. (My Dad's other older brother, Len)

Thank you for your love of family. (My great-uncle Jim)

Most of all, thank you for defending our freedom. Happy Veteran's Day, you are not forgotten!


The Archibald Family said...

Love the post and all the pictures. I totally forgot yesterday was Veteran's Day. It's hard to keep up with over here. Too bad you couldn't find a picture of Buck in uniform...that would be a sight. Do we have any photos of Papa or Grandaddy in their uniforms?
I didn't realize Krager's brother's were in the military too.

Emily said...

OK stop making me cry! I love it! You always know how to say things!

Youngblood4ever said...

Holy cow...K totally looks like his dad. That is crazy. I totally would have thought it was him. Loved this post. You have a great heritage of service in your family (both sides). That's awesome!

Jennifer said...

So Sweet. Loved this. And I loved those pics of your dad! With hair!

Jill said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I've enjoyed reading about you and your family! Come and visit again anytime.

{i}Post said...

What a wonderful tribute! It is so important to remember our freedom is not free!