Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why does my puppy want to be inside so much.

 Okay so we have a chord that's metal with a plastic coating on it. Well we just got back from playing tennis Kallie will tell you about that . Anyways, we got back and Kallie was putting up a bike we brought and my puppy ran past her.She was like what I thought we weren't bringing her in. She chewed the chord in halve!!! So we had to get the actual chain from my daddy's shop so that's what she is on right now.

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Emily said...

Well, it's hard cause puppies are like babies, or toddlers. They want to be where all the action is. So wherever their "mommy" goes they want to be there with them. They love hugs and play time as well as naps. As she gets a little older she will be better. Chuck is 2 and still loves play time and snuggle time with us.