Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why am I so excited?

     Okay so you know on my last post I talked about What happening, what would happen and what I was doing. well my Aunt Sara Uncle Blasen and cousins are visiting! yyyy yah yah!!!!! Also my perents are going to the beach. But they are going without me, Kallie and Holdyn. :( :( We have to have a babysitter for a couple of days but I guess its not that bad. Also we have been going to the pool. 

I have been watching my brother play mine craft and I've got to say you can do some funny things on there. Like have you seen how funny they look when you run? It is hilarious!!! If you don't know know what im talking about it's at the top left hand corner of the screen in mine craft. If you don't know what it looks like feel free to google it becaus it is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyways I've got to go 

                               by y'all 

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