Thursday, May 6, 2010

21st Century Greasers

I've always loved the greasers. You know, the 1950s style with leather jackets, white t-shirts, jeans, and hair greased into a pompador. Zuko, Kenickie, Ponyboy, Dally, and the Fonz are the epitome of cool! Greaser girls were cute too with their red lips, teased hair, tight pants, and shades (the Pink Ladies even had matching jackets). Greaser girls didn't actually grease their hair; but, with the Feminist movement and a desire for equality I guess anything can happen...enter Evie and Kallie the 21st century greasers.

Yesterday evening the kids were at my mom's while I went to a meeting and K put another coat of poly on the floors. Mom was kind enough to feed the kids, take Holdyn to Cub Scouts, and have the girls get a bath. She even let them take a bubble bath! Anyway, towards the end of bath time she hears them calling and goes to check on them. She finds them in the tub with the baby oil -- they tell her they couldn't find any conditioner so they just used the baby oil instead!! She put them in the shower and had them re-wash their hair.

I, of course, don't find out about this until they are already in the bed asleep. This morning I get them up and see they're still rockin "the wet look." I send them to the shower and tell them to wash their hair again. They get out slightly less greasy than before; but, they still look like two members of the Sharks and/or Jets.

Thank goodness today is Field Day and they can wear hats to school! A desperate plea for help on the Book of Face this morning yielded a call from my sister Emily. She searched the internet and found that Dawn dish liquid should help degrease my two T-birds. The plan for tonight - Operation Oil Slick Removal. We'll see how it goes...

Much Love,


Vanessa said...

Oh my! Gotta love the fun stuff kids get into. At least their hair will be conditioned for weeks to come ;)

These Nine Acres said...

Oh my gosh...that is hysterical! You will laugh about this about a year from now ;0)

For sure write this one in the memory books for them.