Monday, October 5, 2009

Beach Trip

We headed down to Gulf Shores, AL this past weekend and spent a few days just relaxing together and having a great time. As the kids get older it is so much more fun to go places and watch them have new experiences! Trust me, if you haven't done it, vacationing with three babies/toddlers/diaper-wearers is NOT a vacation.

(In the past I have been known to have a nervous breakdown a day or so into a trip with babies and spend the rest of the time crying and begging K to take me home.)

On this trip we spent most of the time on the beach or by the pool. We ate breakfast and lunch in and dinner out. Here are some random photos from the trip:


A nice lady on the beach offered to take a family shot! Wasn't that sweet?!

There were lots of jellyfish out and about on Friday afternoon. Everyone ended up getting stung/itchy.

Dinner at Lambert's Cafe - "Home of throwed rolls". This is a must each time we head to the beach! If you haven't been - go, now, stop reading this and go (j/k!) This place serves "country food" think: Grandma or really, really good Cracker Barrel. And LOTS of it, plus when you want a roll you raise your hand a the "roll guy" throws one to you from across the restaurant! Good manners, no, but the kids love it!!!

Speaking of a "throwed" roll, they are tasty (and huge)!

Kallie agrees!

Butter, anyone?

All in all, we had a great time. Oh yeah, one more thing we did that was really fun. This was new for the kids - we went to a Japanese Steakhouse. You know, where the chef comes out and cooks on the hibachi right infront of you?! It was super-fun to see the kids interact and react with him and his mad knife skills! Yes, it was expensive but a true treat!


Vanessa said...

Looks like you had a fab time! Glad you guys got to take a nice trip. I hear you on traveling with tots. We went out of town last Thanksgiving and I thought I was going to lose it. Having to use a breast pump in the car with cars on either side of you while remaining semimodest is quite the undertaking. We will be making the same trip this year, minus breast pump, plus one "never stops moving", very mischievous toddler. Sigh.

darinangel said...

Looks like a great time. Wish we could go to the beach.

The Archibald Family said...

Glad you guys had fun...but we missed you. Bliss sure wanted to play with Holdyn. He never stopped talking about the Holdyn, Evie and Kallie. We'll see you next time.

Mama Hen said...

Completely understand about the baby/toddler thing. Oh, don't I know it? It would just be easier to stay home. But, it does get better and easier as they get older.

Glad you had fun and those are great pics.

Emily said...

I love Lamberts! It is one of the places I want to take our boys! I'm glad you had fun and thanks for the Avon! Checks in the mail!

nowellmama said...

jellyfish are a bummer, throwd rolls are a must. we have to go there everytime we manage to visit yearly. just wanted to wish yal a happy ten yr engagement. yes a little late but thinking of yal. glad all is well. best wishes. good luck on renovations. seems like everyone is redoing something. wish oneday to have a house to do my way, i guess i should say our way, but more my way.

Mama Hen said...

Hi Jennie! You won my giveaway! Send me your address to clarksrfun (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll mail it out to you!

Trista said...

I heart Gulf Shores!

I'm a fellow Alabama Blogger and wanted to stop by for a visit! You can visit me @,, and Hope to hear from you soon!