Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dinner Bell - Cooking with Evie and Kallie

Evie dreams of her own Food Network show. She loves to watch Food Network and her favorite cooks are Ina Garten, Racheal Ray, and Paula Deen. She practices talking to the "camera guys" while she helps me cook dinner at night. She even has named her show, "The Dinner Bell". Actually, she's really good at talking to the "camera" and explaining how to cut, dice, chop, fold ingredients, etc. For her birthday I bought her her own recipe box that I found at Home a la Mode.

She loves the box and tried out one of the recipies - Deviled Eggs. Evie and Kallie worked together (I helped a little) and the eggs turned out great!

Who knows, maybe my little chef will get her own cooking show one day!


♥~♥ Nine Acres ♥~♥ said...

My daughter likes to bake. Her specialty right now is blueberry muffins. Your daughter is so cute her show should be called The Dinner Belle ;o)

Vanessa said...

Too cute! Maybe they'll take over the cooking for you ;) Lately, I have grown to dread cooking dinner. Just so time consuming!

jennifer said...

Oh gosh. That means we'll be watching your little Belle in our house. My husband LOVES the food network (which is good since he is our cook around here).

I look forward to watching her with him and tasting the recipes that HE cooks from her show :)

Your girls are beautiful!

Mama Hen said...

I love the idea of The Dinner Belle! They both look adorable. If they ever master lemon pie I am there!

Ben & Diane said...

Hey, she's my kind of girl. I love to cook too. She'd be great in front of the camera!