Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

It was "7th Circle of Hell" hot out today! We headed over to Hoover for a Rugby tournament today. My Bro-in-Law Blasen was playing but it was so hot we didn't stay long enough to see his game. We visited with my sister Sara, him, and the kiddos for about 45 mins. before the heat did us in. We poured our melted bodies back into the van and headed home. I love summer in Alabama but, there are days when going outside is just not doable - ugh. Today was one of those days!

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The Archibald Family said...

Thanks for coming out. This kids enjoyed seeing the cousins. I don't blame you for leaving. After that next game we headed home. Blasen's team won, but they still wouldn't win their pool so we called it quits.
Somehow I forget every year how bloomin' hot it gets in Alabama. But I keep thinking to myself..."it was hotter in China."
See you next weekend!